if you want me to see your WTJ pictures submit it to me, or tag it WTJI
If you want to see my pages then ask(:
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I’ve always hated Crocs so they were obviously going to end up on this page! I painted the whole page green as I don’t like the colour green so it goes with the theme well :)
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Today’s wreck this journal called for some map making; “Draw fat lines and thin.”
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Trace your toes ( yes, those little fatty piggies are my toes).
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Keep calm and eat fruit.
For a closer look visit http://wreckthisjournalphu.blogspot.com.au/
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kiki’s submit

hi! these are two pages out of my wreck this journal, i hope you post them. xx

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Not my best but it was one of the first drawings I did and the writing was made up by me!
- http://smotheredinlace.tumblr.com
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Working in another page! I’ll post the finished page tomorrow.
Check the finished page!